For the records: Height of luxury

Standing 333 metres tall,, Rotana Rose Tower has 480 luxurious rooms, suites and penthouses. Rotana Rose Tower, an all-suite hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road, towers above its peers at 77 floors, standing 333 metres tall, with 480 luxurious rooms, suites and penthouses. The previous world record holder was North Korea’s Ryugyong Hotel which was built in 1992, with 105 floors spanning its 330-metre height. The Rose Tower, will give Dubai the top three spots. Commenting on the pre-opening plans, Emad Elyas, Executive Vice President and COO of Rotana, said: they are getting ready for the opening of the property "within the coming few months". Most Americans would choose death over disability. Copyright 2007 Al Nisr Media FZ LLC.
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